Prepare this oriental dish quickly and easily. On this occasion, Omar Malpartida from El Tiradito Restaurant, teaches us how to make a delicious Thai Ceviche with GOYA Coconut Milk.

Ceviche Thai




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  • 400 ml Adobo with habanero chili GOYA
  • 800 grs clean croaker
  • 80 grs cebolla
  • 5 grs coriander
  • 40 grs corn cooked corn
  • 40 grs corn toasted field
  • 40 grs cooked pea
  • 40 grs carrot
  • 40 grs cooked green bean
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 lime


  1. Clean and remove the skin and fillet the fish and add a pinch of salt, carrot, cilantro and add the lime.
  2. Continue adding the fine onion, the corn, the green beans, the peas, the canchita and finally the coconut milk.
  3. After removing it, add the avocado and a little more garnish.
Ceviche Thai
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