Goya seasonal products for spring and summer

What better time to enjoy Goya international flavors than on outdoor plans, vacations or sunny days with your loved ones, we love this time of the year

Discover seasonal products in spring and summer, designed to prepare delicious recipes that will surprise everyone.

Productos de temporada primavera verano Goya

Seasonal foods in spring and summer

Spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy fresh, light, healthy and refreshing products that will help you fight the high temperatures!

At Goya we work to be close to you.

That is why we have more and more points of sale where you can find these seasonal products, and many more!

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Already have everything in your pantry and fridge? It is time to put your culinary skills into practice to surprise your guests.

Recetas Goya | Goya Europa

Easy and perfect Goya recipes for this time of the year

If you want to become a real chef from home, check out our selection of easy spring and summer recipes to prepare and get started

Grilled chicken

It brings a different touch to barbecues on the terrace.

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Tomato and white bean hummus Goya

The appetizer that never lasts more than 5 minutes.

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Tropical fruit ice

Choose your favorite pulp flavor and have fun with its versatility.

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Prawns in coconut sauce

An exotic and fresh preparation with traditional products.

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Discover many more delicious and fresh recipes on our website!

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Chefs Gastroactitud | Goya Europa

Goya Latin Cooking School by Gastroactitud

Our friends from Gastroactitud record in collaboration with us some video-recipes in which the preparations are practically self-made. Get your hands in the dough by following the steps!

Do not you believe it?

Take me to the video recipes!

Celebrate together this season

We want to live and celebrate every special moment of the year with you and yours. And what better way to enjoy traditions than through typical dishess of each of them!

Torrijas | Temporada primavera verano Goya

Semana Santa

Easter is characterized for being a holiday that is lived with a lot of feeling by the Spanish people and at Goya we wanted to celebrate this occasion. On our website you will find perfect recipes for these celebrations, such as the traditional with our coconut milk de toda la vida versionadas con nuestra leite de coco.

Día de la madre y día del padre | Temporada primavera verano Goya

Mother´s Day and Father´s Day

They are the most special people in your life, the ones who have watched you grow and helped you become who you are today. Give them a very special gift by preparing a recipe that never fails: venezuelan creole pavilion. Finger-licking good!

Fiestas latinoamericanas | Temporada primavera verano Goya

Let's celebrate Latin American holidays

During these dates we enjoy the Independence days of many countries whose gastronomy we love: Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico... There is no recipe we don't like! Transport yourself in one bite with an arepa reina pepiada or maybe even better with a ceviche? Filter by origin and enjoy, yum!

Take care of yourself with Goya in spring and summer

Any time of the year is the perfect time to take care of yourself, but at training outdoors you will be able to recharge your vitamin D batteries tips we bring you:

Outdoor training

With the arrival of good weather, you can take the opportunity to get away from the walls of a gym and go outside for a run, hike in the mountains or even plan an outdoor HIIT. In addition, by training outdoors you will be able to recharge your vitamin D batteries.

Stay hydrated

With high temperatures, there is an increased risk of dehydration and heat stroke. To avoid this, do notforget to drink water and other highly hydrating beverages on a regular basis in your day-to-day life. Remember to drink more before, during and after exercise.

Your diet is important

Did you know that there are foods that protect your skin from the sun in summer?Eating a balanced diet will help you prevent health problems this season - protect yourself inside and out!

Take care of yourself anywhere

Trips to discover new places and disconnect from routine are the order of the day in both spring and summer, but that does not mean you can not take care of your diet in any type of plan. Find out what recipes you can make at a picnic at the beach or pool.

At any time of the year, we want to be close to you. 💙