About Goya Foods

With 78 years of being the leading source of authentic Latino cuisine, Goya Foods is the largest Hispanic food company in the United States.

Established in 1936 by don Prudencio Unanue and his wife Carolina, both natives of Spain, the history of Goya is closely linked both with the importance of the family and with the realization of the"american dream".

Goya began his commercial activities in the basement of a small establishment in southern Manhattan in New York, serving his local Hispanic families through the distribution of foods such as olives, olive oil and sardines. Aware that there was a growing market of Latino consumers that required high-quality, fresh produce, the Unanue family instilled; its philosophy of excellence and quality throughout the company. This promise to be the best in their field is the cornerstone of Goya's popular motto:"If it's Goya, it has to be good". The result of this simple but important promise has been the evolution that Goya Foods has achieved to position itself as the leader of the Latin American food industry, with operations throughout the world.

Logotipo Goya

Throughout its history, each and every one of the dedicated employees of Goya Foods hhave contributed to establishing the solid reputation of the company as experts in Latino food products. Whether offering consumers the best products from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America, o Highlighting the products of its extensive Caribbean line, the Goya brand has guaranteed quality to several generations of satisfied consumers.

Today, Goya is proud to offer a wide variety of products including condiments, pantry items, beverages, and frozen foods that represent all of Latin America. . During the year 2004, Goya added. More than 400 new products establishing a new record by offering more than 1,600 products and distribution brands, further solidifying its position as the supplier of excellence for Latin American cuisine. This extensive product diversification honors Goya's founders by fulfilling their promise to make each meal a uniquely memorable experience, both with family and friends.

Familia Goya

With the endeavor to continue to increase his rich legacy,Goya Foods offers consumers throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world, a complete assortment of Latino foods created to satisfy the wide range of tastes and preferences of all Hispanics. In addition to the creation of new products, the company carries out the largest expansion of facilities in its entire history, increasing its manufacturing and packaging capacity by more than a million square feet. Without a doubt, Goya Foods and its consumers will be highly benefited with the creation and strategic expansion of these new and innovative manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Spain.

Goya's promise continues to be fulfilled through its Internet presence, enriching the individual consumer experience.. Here Authentic and delicious Latin recipes are provided for home cooks, and Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike are educated on the diversity of Latin American cuisine.

Goya Foods remains steadfast in its promise to be the preferred brand of authentic Latin cuisine, as & iacute; how to always keep in mind the value of the family, something of utmost importance for its consumers and those who definitely make up the Great Goya Family.