GOYA NATIVO ® finishing a year of good sales and preparing strategies for growth to 2015.

Teamwork make successful the last twelve months in sales of GOYA NATIVO®  and herald a 2015 high expectations for growth.

At the end of November 2014, the staff of GOYA NATIVO® in Spain met at headquarters located in Casarrubios del Monte – Toledo.

Departmental heads of: sales, purchases, warehouse, logistics and advertising,  along with Don Elias Picado – Deputy Director, held long talks on the progress and plans of the company and also shared their experiences and ideas always at the forefront on issues related to the positive sales progress and attention to customers of the portfolio which GOYA NATIVO® has in Spain and in other countries of the European continent.

It was also necessary to combine all efforts, as always, facing the same direction, along with the team and sales force, the best professionals who form part of our commercial template.  And vital point was already starting work on the objectives and new challenges for 2015.

In GOYA NATIVO® are prepared to finish the year with sales in double digit growth trend and committed to our customers large and small, offering quality products that meet all your needs. We want that the consumer is in the market those  GOYA®  ingredients to have a diverse and easy to hand gastronomy.  And to say those people who want to be near their villages through nostalgia, preparing this holiday season your favorite recipes.   Thats GOYA®, the opportunity to bring closer a world of flavors.

GOYA NATIVO®  offers more than four hundred references in varied of own-brand products in Spain and is also distributor of several brands of prestige.  And under the slogan that says it all gradually wins thousands and thousands of customers because   IF IT’S GOYA MUST BE GOOD…®

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