Goya Europe sends support to earthquake victims in Turkey

At Goya Europe, we feel the need to do all we can to help when others need it. For this reason, we have sent a donation of food in response to the call for help launched by the Turkish Consulate and Embassy in Madrid following the earthquake that has caused great devastation. 

From Goya Europe and in collaboration with Goya Foods, we have made the first shipment of non-perishable food (canned stewed beans, cookies and snacks) in order to collaborate and help those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Turkey and Syria.

Being aware of the situation that all the people in the country are going through, we could not fail to be present, trying to do our bit. To undertake this action, we made a direct connection with representatives of the diplomatic office in Madrid, whose embassy will be responsible for reaching those affected through its support mechanisms. 

William Unanue, our General Manager of Goya Europe, wanted to send a message of support through this initiative on behalf of all of us who are part of the company from different countries: "Being present in these moments of great need with what we can contribute is part of what GOYA is in the world, a company committed to social work". 

In addition, the multinational Goya Foods, through its global initiative Goya Gives, has partnered with Global Empowerment Mission (G.E.M.) to make continuous food shipments to the people of Turkey. G.E.M.'s Miami headquarters has consolidated donations from all corners of the country and from Goya's facilities in both Florida and Texas we are already making daily shipments of food, water and humanitarian aid to Turkey. 

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the more than 19,000 victims, their families, first responders and the people of Turkey in this historic disaster. Michael Capponi, Founder of G.E.M. was already on the ground within 48 hours in Turkey when we received their call for help. While we always respond to crises around the world, this is especially heartbreaking because of the many souls lost," said Bob Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods. 


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