Sweet and healthy recipes in less than an hour

Any sweet recipe is a pleasure and accompanies us in many moments of life: as dessert at family meals, with candles on any birthday and even with a blanket and our favorite series when we don't want to hear from anyone. However, practically all those times it is seen as "the exception" in a healthy diet and sometimes even as a sin. 

As we at Goya are lovers of any recipe today we have proposed to gather a few proposals that allow you to enjoy sweet and healthy preparations without any remorse.

How to turn an excess of sugar into something healthy

Before telling you about the recipes we have gathered, we want to make something clear: any recipe, no matter how much sugar it has, is not bad for the body as long as it is taken in moderation. 

Once we make this clear, some natural ingredients (and infinitely less processed than white sugar) can turn a traditional sweet recipe into one that is friendlier to our daily lives and our diet. The main reason? It has natural sugars. They are valid alternatives that can sweeten recipes but do not spike blood glucose.

Let's take a look at the most common and easy-to-use ones:


Panela is essentially a whole cane sugar that has not undergone refining. It is a natural sweetener and a perfectly valid and healthy alternative to refined sugar - both pulverized panela and block panela are perfect choices!


Dates are a fruit with a very high sugar and fiber content, but this does not mean that it is advisable to eat dates on a daily basis: everything is in its right measure. However, they are perfect for controlling the blissful blood sugar spike and calming the craving for sweets when they come in.


You either love them or you hate them. But there is something indisputable: the amount of fiber and natural sugars they contain. If you don't like them originally, try including them as an ingredient in a dessert. They work perfectly crushed in any recipe, and you're likely to change your mind!

Ripe banana

Ripe bananas have a very high natural sugar content. They are perfect for refueling after physical exercise or for any time between meals. Also, a curiosity: did you know that banana leaves also have properties? 

With this in mind, let's get to the main body of this article: quick, sweet, and healthy recipes!

Quick and healthy sweet recipes

Now that we've got the keys to turning a sweet recipe into a healthier one, let's take a look at a few recipes you can get started with right away. 

Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Recetas dulces y sencillas by Goya Europa

This recipe is perfect to surprise any visitor at home. It is also ideal for coeliacs because with our white Masarepa you avoid any contact with gluten.

As its name suggests, chickpeas are the protagonists. If you add a pinch of panela and a pinch of vanilla essence, the dish is done! 

We leave the recipe step-by-step for you to consult right here.

Batido de guanábana y fresa

Recetas dulces y sencillas by Goya Europa

The best ally to add sweetness to your preparations: fruit. In this case, the protagonist is our soursop juice, strawberries, and a cup of yogurt. To adapt the recipe a bit, swap the condensed milk for a splash of coconut cream, and voilà! Follow the recipe and don't miss any steps to prepare a sensational dessert. 

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Recetas dulces y sencillas by Goya Europa

Whether for breakfast or as a snack, these pancakes are a hit with everyone (even the little ones!). To make it, all you need is a cup of our flaked oatmeal, a teaspoon of vanilla and a couple of ripe bananas. We'll leave the recipe handy so that in just 30 minutes you'll have it ready to enjoy with your loved ones. 

Once you have them, combine them with fruit for an extra touch of flavor!

Fruit gummies

Recetas dulces y sencillas by Goya Europa

One of our favorite options and you may wonder why. You just need to choose any of our flavored juices to create your favorite jelly beans. For the ingredients you will only need: 

- 2 cups of your favorite juice.

- 5 tablespoons of gelatin. 

For the preparation, take note: 

1. In a container bring the 2 cups of the chosen juice to a boil.

2. Add the gelatin little by little, stirring with a hand mixer until everything is blended.

3. Stir with a spatula until the bubbles that have formed dissolve.

4. Carefully pour the mixture into your favorite mold and place it in the freezer for as long as necessary until they are firm.

5. Once they are shaped, store them in an airtight container.

Have you ever seen an easier way to make homemade gummies? 

So much for today's post! We hope we have inspired you to make sweet, quick, and affordable recipes. Remember that if you dare to make any of them, we would love you to upload them and tag us on any of our social networks.

See you soon!

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