Goya foods in Anuga 2019 with its more than thousand thousand product references

GOYA FOODS was present at the 35th edition of Anuga 2019, the most important event in the food and beverage industry for professional audiences. This fair was held in Cologne (Germany) from October 5 to 9, 2019

GOYA offered its products and new releases, in the best showcase of the international market, ensuring the quality of the products and strengthening the relationships that already exist with international companies and customers.

Our extensive catalog stands out for its variety: pulps, vegetables, arepas, cheeses, grains, flours, seasonings, marinades, spices, pastas, Mexican products, snacks, cookies, nuts, jams, sweets. Drinks such as: soft drinks, a wide range of coconut waters, juices and as a novelty, the so healthy Aloe Vera drink, our low-sodium beans and the new organic coconut water.

GOYA’s commitment is to health, well-being and sustainability, that is why we are committed to natural, organic foods, including «super foods», products that stand out for their nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, such as our variety of: Quinoas, Chia, Amaranth, etc. Foods increasingly demanded by consumers.

In addition, our stand was attended by GOYA Spain, which, as in 2018, showed the flavor and essence of the Andalusian olive grove with the best gourmet oils and olives in its new presentations filled with serrano ham, Manchego cheese and spicy chorizo, the Gazpacho and vinegars were not lacking.

The executive chef of GOYA, Fernando Desa made several show cookings presenting the new extra virgin olive oil with a natural garlic aroma and combining them with more GOYA ingredients. GOYA is a brand that extends worldwide because the consumer values ??quality and demand. GOYA has the recipe because it has the ingredients of each country to prepare the recipes in the kitchen of millions of people of different nationalities.

Our motto, ‘If it is GOYA, it must be good!‘ is the philosophy by which more than four thousand employees work in the world and we are proud to be part of the household table with healthy, varied and exquisite products. GOYA is also the official distributor of brands such as: P.A.N., POSTOBÓN, NOEL, FESTIVAL, TORTOLINES, ILE, and many more.