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This 2023 we are sponsors of the Ruta de la Arepa and we want you to join us to enjoy together a recipe that already crosses borders. Our love for Venezuelan and Colombian gastronomy is more alive than ever. Discover with us everything you should know about this well-known dish.

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Prepare arepas like a professional chef

This recipe is very simple and yet replicable until it is perfect can be somewhat complicated:


Venezuelan and Colombian

Sweet and salty




  1. Put the masarepa, salt and finally the water in a bowl, in that order. Once all the ingredients are mixed together, knead until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  2. Let the dough rest for about 2 hours.
  3. Put a few drops of oil on your hands and mould the arepas. Tip! When you flatten the arepa slightly, it should fill the palm of your hand. If you notice that the arepa cracks, it means that the mixture needs a little more kneading.
  4. If you decide to fry the arepa: place oil generously in a frying pan and bring it to a high temperature, but not too high so that the arepa does not burn. Cook the arepa until golden brown and remove it from the pan. Remove the excess oil with absorbent paper.
  5. If you decide to grill them: heat a frying pan over medium heat with a pinch of oil to prevent sticking. Turn the arepa over and cook slowly so that the inside is cooked, until the outside is the colour you want it to be.

  • Still not sure? Take a look at this video and prepare arepas step by step with Imalay Rincón.
  • Masarepa Goya

  • Choose the perfect ingredients
  • To make a good arepa, you will need a good quality corn flour, such as our Masarepa. You can choose the one you like best: the yellow one (with a more intense corn flavour) or the white one.

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    Masarepa Goya

    And if one day you are in a hurry... Goya is there for you!

    Try our frozen arepas, which can always save you from a quick and healthy dinner or an unexpected meal. Follow the instructions and in a few minutes... they are ready to eat!

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    Elaborate recipes for sweet and savoury arepas.

    The versatility of this recipe is spectacular. Simply because all you have to do is choose the filling you like best to enjoy a different dish every time.

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