The company GOYA works of the hand of the group UNIDAD EDITORIAL to communicate his advertising campaign 2015.

Our company continues preparing his presence in the Spanish press, of the hand of UNIDAD EDITORIAL. Last summer the brand already established his advertising messages in the principal head-boards and the supplements of El Mundo, in sections of preference and as if it was small in the sports newspaper MARCA.

For products GOYA®, it is the key moment to publicize its existence in the spanish market, a market that is interested in testing the variety catalog we offer, especially the magnificent coconut water, which makes its way to be the best market and with multiple features that make it unique.

Within this planning 2015 in media and communication are the big bets to translate into successful print what you want to communicate, including the new Sunday PAPER the new commitment of El Mundo, launch we attended last September 17 in Madrid.

In the presence of people like Cristina Cifuentes, President of the Community of Madrid, journalists, businessmen, etc., UNIDAD EDITORIAL (El Mundo), introduced the great project called PAPEL, where he will drive a dedicated seat in the middle for a reader growing demanding to find reports and pictures of quality and journalism that knows how to open doors where it is not common to arrive, but there are news, meaning and role in everyday life.

The most important relationship GOYA® and this fact will be present to readers who give to light our company with nearly 80 years of history in the world, we offer the best quality, the wide range of products and a corporate history worth telling.

Picado Elias Fernandez, director Adj. of GOYA® in Spain, congratulated the night of Sunday PAPEL presentation in Madrid, David Jimenez, Director of El Mundo, and also to Javier Gomez, Director of the new magazine PAPEL, renewal of the publishing world and offer new initiatives.

So we write the beginning of a new stage this last quarter of 2015, full of projects and achievements for each of the company’s employees work every day GOYA® facing success.

We indicate that all these months will be easy to find in the GOYA® newspaper «El Mundo», the Sunday paper and other supplements like ZEN and its website. Newsstand  in Spanish cities are now also our information and internet channel, another a door of communication with our customers.

Dto. Press (September 18, 2015)