One of the oldest and most widespread foods around the world are beans or beans. One of its nutritional contributions is directly related to cardiovascular diseases, that is why in addition to other reasons we can and should consume this ingredient throughout the year. But … what benefits support us?

1. They contain calcium, potassium, proteins and complex carbohydrates that provide energy to the muscle and brain.

2. They are low in fat, calories and sodium.

3. They do not contain cholesterol and are antioxidants.

4. They are the best source of fiber, ideal for the prevention of cancer.

5. Help control diabetes and blood glucose levels.

6. They are the best source of folates indicated in pregnancy.

Without a doubt, beans are highly nutritious and healthy. Do not forget to include them in your diet and remember that if it’s Goya … it has to be good!

In Goya we have a great variety of beans, stews, dried, red, black …

Within this great variety you will surely find your favorites, they are healthy and healthy, and you can also eat them at any time of the year as they are perfect for both spoon and salad dishes.

Then we leave the link to our recipes, and you know, if you are going to do any of them do not hesitate to tag us on social networks and share your dishes with us.

In our recipes section you can find numerous recipes with our star products, and thus be able to eat healthy and healthy when and where you want.

Frijoles Goya, this year Frijolizate con Goya!

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