Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils, awarded with more tan 100 international awards, now available in Spain.

GOYA gourmet oils

As a result of a careful selection of the best oils in Andalusia, the largest center of olive production in the world, and an extra care in all production processes, allows Goya present its two extra virgin oils in its portfolio of outstanding products in Spain. Premium: ?Goya Único? extra virgin oil and ?Goya Organics? organic oil.

The ?Goya Único? oil emerges from a careful selection of the Hojiblanca and Picuda olive varieties. In it´s fruity green aroma, notes of almond, tomato and apple stand out. It´s use is especially indicated for grilled meats or fishes, providing an exceptional touch.

On one hand, ?Goya Organics? is a perfect blend of the Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties. With an intense green and fruity aroma and notes of hebrs and green leaves, nuances of tomato, apple, green almond and artichokes, it is perfect for vegetarian or vegan dishes for its healthy contribution.

?Goya Único? has been recognized by the IberOleum 2020 Guide as the best national extra virgin blend, a recognition that also ?Goya Organics? oil obtained in the 2019 edition.

In adition, for the first time, GOYA premium oil has entered the Top 100 of the best extra virgin olive oils according to the Evooleum 2020 guide.

Due to the growing demand for GOYA oils in the Spanich market, the company has started selling and marketing these oils in Amazon Spain of this extra premium virgins, which will be followed by the sale of their oils through the main national gourmet chains.

GOYA, 84 years leader in the comercialization of quality products

Growth and constant evolution of the food market, the fusión of ingredients, the internationalization of the gastronomy of each country and the preference in other markets for Hispanic foods leads GOYA to expand to more and more places. Spain is the door of Europe for the company and it has entered with a right and firm foot to stay and keep expanding.

GOYA and it´s team strengthen the company´s great commitment to consumers, bringing products from their countries of origin to large chain stores to retail stores, world-renowned authentic products from the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Our customers can enjoy the excellent quality guaranteed by the Goya Brand from America to Europe, Asia or Africa, as our products are distributed throughout the world.

Our wide catalog in Spain offers: fresh frozen vegetables, grains, flours, 100% natural fruit pulps, soft drinks, sweets, seasonings, cheese, nachos, hot chili peppers and our star product; beans, your every day beans, a natural source of vegetable protein with 0% saturated fat. And what about Coconut Water, one of the healthiest drinks of the momento, consumed by athletes for its great benefits as a natural moisturizer, ideal for health and beauty. Here you can display our catalog (link)

Goya, is synonym of quality, flavors that complement each other, is the company expert in the Latin market that conquers the homes of millions consumers around the world with the quality that the slogan indicates?. If it´s Goya, it has to be Good?!