Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure there are many of you who are still wondering what recipes will surprise your guests. We recommend that you give the coconut but with another sense, that is, that you use GOYA Coconut Water as the main ingredient in your festive cocktails. Do you want some ideas? Keep reading:

At GOYA, we offer you a multitude of recipes so that daily and dates such as Christmas you can enjoy the healthiest and tastiest taste of different cuisines, especially Latin. Now, you ask, what recipes can I make with GOYA Coconut Water? Take note of these ideas and enjoy:

Rebujito de Guayaba y Coco: Resembling Spanish sangria, this fruity cocktail of guava white wine with a little sherry, is the refreshing summer drink, perfect to share with family and friends.

Chiclano de Pera y Maracuyá: This Peruvian-inspired cocktail is refreshingly perfect for a delicious snack with family or friends. The ideal Latin touch for your parties.

Jaguar Colada: Another Latin inspired cocktail from Costa Rica, prepared with GOYA Maracuyá juice and of course GOYA coconut water.

Pisco Sour de Piña y Coco: This version of the Peruvian classic incorporates pineapple and coconut water to achieve an authentic tropical flavor.

Pineapple and Coconut Cocktail: 100% pure GOYA Coconut Water moisturizer, sweet Pineapple Juice, makes this drink a delicious healthy and very tasty tropical cocktail.

Refreshing Cocktail of Papaya and Pineapple: It is made with frozen Papaya cut into pieces at its optimum ripeness point. It also has pineapple juice, which is mixed with coconut water and lime juice that neutralizes its sweetness. Without a doubt, an ideal drink for your parties.

Sangria Tropical: The recipe for the perfect equation, as they mix the sweet taste of GOYA juices.

As you can see, surprising your guests with a sweet touch is easier than you think with GOYA products, because if it’s GOYA … it has to be good!