Foods that help you be happier

If there is a phrase that we have heard in hundreds of movies and a few thousand times more in our environment, it is:? My goal is to find happiness ?. Sometimes, immersed in the day-to-day life and in our first world problems, that goal is scattered. And is that, isn't it difficult to maintain a one hundred percent satisfactory work and personal life every day? It seems simply impossible to us.

Even so, we must put all the tools in our power to try to make it so. Or at least that, when some not-so-good days go by, they are extended in time and we do not have the will to live. Those initiatives that each of us can carry out go through trying to work on something that fulfills us, loving our loved ones well and, of course, taking care of our diet was not going to be an exception.

How is happiness generated?

Let's not misunderstand. We do not come with a magic formula that is going to make your spirits skyrocket because the reality is that there is no food capable of completely solving a mood disorder. But yes, we come to give you scientifically proven keys that will undoubtedly make you feel better. There are two main substances in our body that give us pleasure, tranquility and well-being: serotonin and endorphins. The first is in fact also known as the? Happiness hormone? and the second may sound like you because sport is one of the most famous options that frees it.

There are some foods that encourage us to release these substances and below, we suggest five of them with an applied recipe that contains it. That way, you just have to buy the ingredients, get down to work and take over the world!

Five foods to be happy

Before I start to tell you about some of the key foods, it should be said that it would not be correct to talk about foods rich in serotonin. However, in amino acid tryptophan yes, which is what transforms and generates the hormone of happiness. That cleared up, let's go there! 


The most recommended are lean cut (chicken, turkey or rabbit for example) for its high content of tryptophan and vitamins of group B. 

A delicious recipe that contains it is the grilled chicken in cherry-tomato sauce . It is balanced and very simple to do. With a little Goya seasoning, the flavor of the grilled chicken is enhanced. Also, if you sprinkle a little extra virgin olive oil over the vegetables that accompany it, the combination is perfect.


Soybeans, beans and lentils are the legumes that provide the most tryptophan of all. The beans, which are from the same family, are not far behind. Also, spicy foods have a fair amount of a compound called? Capsaicin ?. When this compound comes into contact with the taste buds, it sends signals to the brain to generate endorphins, which provide euphoria and energy. Incidentally, capsaicin is also related to the elimination of cancer cells. So You know, to lose your fear of spicy! 

That is why we believe that the following recipe for vegetarian chili with beans is right for you. It is a very fresh combination of greens and vegetables with up to three different types of beans that give a genuine touch to the dish. The chipotle peppers that are suggested as a final touch, give the recipe a smoky and spicy touch that makes a difference. 


It is one of the most prominent fruits that increases serotonin and dopamine . It essentially provides vitamins A, C, K and B6 and is rich in natural sugars, which gives us strength and energy.

Also, it doesn't have to. always be conceived as a dessert or a sweet snack. You can also apply it in a delicious and nutritious breakfast, such as in a rice with coconut milk, almonds, mango and banana .


In general, fish is very rich in vitamin B . This type of food is necessary to promote the production of hormones that give you well-being. In addition, the salmon in particular contains a lot of omega 3 , which improves some processes such as attention, memory and mood. 

If you have a little tight time and have invited some friends to dinner at home, you can prepare this honey glazed salmon in just 20 minutes with an impeccable result to look like a true chef. 


Yes, dear friends. We already knew that chocolate made us happy, but now we know something else: science supports us! Yes, you have to ration it. You can consume one ounce a day of dark, sugar-free chocolate. In addition, it also gives you energy in the form of a sensation similar to the caffeine. 

If one day you want to indulge yourself and go a little out of line with the recommended daily amount, you can make some chocolate and coconut tartlets with caramel . The key is the Goya coconut milk, which gives this dessert an unmistakable flavor. 

We have to admit it, not even at Goya we have the famous recipe for happiness. But what are we going to tell you? We have never seen anyone crying with grief who was trying one of our dishes! Tell us on social networks if you dare to try any of these recipes. To be happy!