Colombian Fiesta with GOYA, Postobón, Noel and Colcafé in Madrid

On 3 and 4 June, the Second Edition of the Services Fair organized by the Central Consulate General of Colombia was held in Madrid with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which GOYA was one of the companies invited to be part of This great meeting.


The Fair was opened by Alberto Furmanski Goldstein, Ambassador of Colombia to the Kingdom of Spain; Javier Darío Higuera Angel, Director of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mauricio Olivera, President of Colpensiones, and Helmuth Barros, President of the National Savings Fund. Eduardo Loaiza, Manager of Camacol Antioquia, also joined the event.

Colombian Fiesta with GOYA, Postobón, Noel and Colcafé in Madrid

This was a success due to the large number of associations and companies that offered various services such as real estate, telephony, education, health, decoration, Latin media and food companies, which presented gifts to attendees, spread over 145 stands.


This event has been broadcast on all continents thanks to the coverage of several specialized Latin media that transmitted this programming and performed effective and online coverage.

For GOYA, the number one company to meet the needs of the Latino community in its gastronomy, has been a great experience since the citizens of Colombia form a very important part of their target audience and demand products with which the Goya Family has grown , Transferring to the new generations their customs that are now combined with Spanish cuisine.


Colombian Fiesta with GOYA, Postobón, Noel and Colcafé in Madrid


The Stan of GOYA was noted with the great exhibition of several of the most suitable products for the occasion, Pina Colada with coconut cream GOYA, Coconut water, dulce de leche, waffers, banana, soda Guarana, cheese and malt, All of the GOYA brand.

In addition to our own products we were accompanied by the brands that GOYA represents and distributes as: Noel with the delicious Biscuits Festival,Saltín, Chocolates JET and Chocolisto. Within this scenario of the brand and how could it be otherwise, we give away 2,000 units of Colcafé for these consumers who come from a coffee country and miss their star product.

Postobón, was also present as one of the best known brands in Colombia at the fair with its soft drinks: Colombian, Postobón and Apple and their fresh HIT juices. For this event also sent autographed t-shirts and balls of the National Athletic team that were drawn among attendees and social networks, whose result has been a success.


Colombian Fiesta with GOYA, Postobón, Noel and Colcafé in Madrid


GOYA, appreciates the opportunity to be in this Fair and have the possibility to offer thousands of gifts to attendees. Also to be able to enjoy a sample of the folklore and so much Colombian talent that dazzled. See more photos visit our Facebook Post


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