Mexican recipes

We can't deny it, Mexican cuisine drives us crazy! You can probably tell because we have an exclusive line of products from this country. The Mexican food culture has something that makes it unique: its colors, flavors and special touches leave no one indifferent. 

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Mexican cuisine plays with tasty raw materials, along with sauces and ingredients that make each dish a delicacy. In addition, it is perfect for any occasion: it has from the most informal recipes for an improvised dinner, to the most elaborate ones. 


Mexican products are unique in their kind, because they are capable of accentuating the flavors of a recipe to its maximum exponent. The most obvious examples are its chiles, grown in Mexico and exported to all corners of the world, as well as its infinite number of sauces, ranging from the mildest to the spiciest, suitable only for the most daring. 


Mexico stands out for its salty and spicy flavors and yet it also has salads typical of the area. The genuine recipes are endless: