Recetas cubanas

Cuba is a country with a fascinating cultural richness; and that includes, without a doubt, its gastronomy. Its dishes are the result of the combination of Taino customs, Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. Cuban cooks combine spices and inherited techniques, giving their dishes an extraordinary flavor and nuances. 

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Thanks to the climate of the island of Cuba, nature has an exuberant aspect (which translates into a wide range of very relevant raw materials). The locals based their diet on vegetable products such as yucca, chili, sweet potato or corn and fruits such as manatee, guava or pineapple, among others. 


Although in the beginning of history the food was based on tubers and fruits, with the arrival of the Spaniards to the island, vegetables and rice were easily introduced, a tradition that has lasted until today. 


History has had its way and, therefore, although traditional recipes continue to be prepared today, avant-garde cuisine has also wanted to pay tribute to Cuban roots.