Black beans with octopus and curly chard with pesto

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Chef: Miguel Ángel de la Cruz

Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, Chef of the Apothecary of Matapozuelos in Valladolid, teaches us to prepare a healthy recipe with GOYA black beans, octopus and curly chard with pesto.


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  • 100 gr of GOYA Black Beans in sauce
  • 40 gr cooked octopus
  • 20 gr curly red chard penca
  • 20 gr pesto sauce
  • 20 gr cured goat cheese
  • 20 gr queso curado de oveja
  • 10 gr pinions


  1. We serve the beans in an oval bowl. We add pesto sauce, octopus and mix it.
  2. We serve the mixture. We add pine nuts, cured cheese, chard and ready.

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