Another year, and with this already well 3 followed, GOYA is official sponsor of what is the obstacle course par excellence at international level: SPARTAN RACE.


After the successes of previous editions, GOYA returns to the mud, but this time it adds another element «the arena» because in this new edition and for the first time will be held in Mallorca, a special race for a special island.


To this we must add, our best ingredients, the GOYA TEAM SPARTAN, who together with the salt of life that is sport, form the ideal recipe for this event.


This team consists of winners of the contest published on our social networks, whose prize is a free registration for the Sprint modality and other long-distance collaborators in sports, especially in crossfit, will run together a new adventure.


But they will not be alone, because once again they have the best ally in the sport, our Coconut Water, the natural isotonic par excellence, which moisturizes and recovers all Spartans.


At GOYA we continue supporting good nutrition, nutrition and sports, with our philosophy and lifestyle, always being present at the most popular and important sporting events, as well as fostering the development of schools and sponsoring first-rate athletes.


GOYA as sponsoring company of the Spartan Race will be present in all 2018 races in these cities: Madrid, Barcelona, ??Andorra and Valencia. We wait for you!


The countdown has begun … Ready for glory! ARO ARO ARO!