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This Sunday, Paseo de la Castellana has been filled with colors to combat gender-based violence in a healthy and healthy way and to make visible the social commitment with equal opportunities between men and women.

This sporting event, festive and supportive is framed under the picture of the «Unite» and «HeForShe» United Nations campaigns in order to claim equality through a «rain of colors».

From 9:30 am and during 5 kilometers hundreds of people have crossed the Castellana crossing the stations of colors that represented the reasons of the fight such as the eradication of the mistreatment, the equality of sort, the conciliation and the right to the happiness.

At the end, at the finish, the arrival was celebrated with a storm of colors, a festival of songs and dances, in which men, women, boys and girls of all ages and countries could enjoy.

The profits collected will go to projects to prevent gender violence in countries such as Spain, Kenya and India.

Goya Europe contributes its bit and its colors with the hope of being able to eradicate gender violence in a healthy way. Also note that all attendees can taste the GOYA Quinoa White Ecological, ideal ingredient for this race and mango Wafers, thus giving a flavor to this event, because as our motto says, if it is Goya … it has to be good!

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