Coconut  water GOYA, is 100% natural and an excellent option to recover and hydrate after your sports routine.

We say that it is the best option, since other isotonic soft drinks contain a high degree of added sugars, preservatives and dyes. However GOYA Coconut Water is 100% natural and we also offer a wide range (with chips, no chips, no sugar) with flavors (pomegranate, mango, lychee, guava) and with different packaging. It also contains more electrolytes than other sports drinks.

What is Coconut Water?

It is the liquid that is found inside green coconuts, those that are more mature. It has a transparent color, and is found in the hollow surrounding the pulp in the coconut nut. Although it seems to be a lie, it has a characteristic flavor, which varies depending on the area and the land where the cocotera palm is.

Coconut water is also a delicious, natural and healthy drink, a natural isotonic drink, and the perfect ingredient and container for cocktails, smoothies, salads, desserts and a variety of recipes.

What are your essential nutrients?

The secret of the nutritional richness of Agua de Coco Goya, lies in its composition, since it contains more than 90% water, as well as a variety of minerals essential for the functioning of the human body, among which magnesium is found and potassium. It also contains a nutritional value, an energy value (88kJ / 21Kcal) and 0% saturated fat.

Being a 100% vegetable product, it has numerous trace elements beneficial for health. The presence of cytokinins, according to various studies, have a protective effect against aging and oxidative degeneration. Unlike other foods GOYA coconut water, does not present contraindications because, compared to its fruit to be low or not contain sugars is rich in micronutrients and recommended for children, adults and the elderly.

And remember that if it’s Goya … it has to be good!