World Heart Day is celebrated on Saturday, September 29. For this reason and as always, we care about the health of all our consumers, offering the healthiest, tastiest and healthiest beans, because at GOYA, we not only take care of your taste, but also your health.


Benefits of Beans: Why GOYA Beans are good for the heart?

Did you know that Latin cuisine is rich in foods that protect the heart against various diseases? One of those superaliemntos are our beans.

Recent studies have shown that a diet rich in legumes could help reduce the resistance of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, the American Heart Association (AHA), like us, recommends legumes for people who want to prevent or control heart disease.


Here are some of the benefits of our beans:

  1. They contain calcium, potassium, proteins and complex carbohydrates that provide energy to the muscle and brain.
  2. They are low in fat, calories and sodium.
  3. They do not contain cholesterol and are antioxidants.
  4. They are the best source of fiber, ideal for the prevention of cancer.
  5. Help control diabetes and blood glucose levels.
  6. They are the best source of folates indicated in pregnancy.
  7. Help reduce the level of cholesterol.
  8. Help prevent high blood pressure.
  9. Contain important nutrients for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

To receive these benefits, it is essential to eat legumes at least three times a week, luckily at GOYA, we have a variety of Beans (stewed blacks, stewed reds, silk, etc.) that can be combined with any ingredient for your daily recipes . If you want ideas for your dishes, you can find our recipes here.

GOYA beans, the beans of a lifetime and remember that if it is GOYA … it has to be good!


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