The Absolute Difficulty Climbing, Speed ??and Paralimating Championships will be held next weekend in Navarra.

On October 12, 13 and 14 at the Leisure Center of Escalada and Rocópolis de Navarra there will be one of the climbing competitions with three national championships.

The Leisure and Climbing Center Rocópolis de Navarra has been the place chosen to host the second edition of the Spanish Climbing Championship and the Climbing Championships of Absolute Difficulty and Paraescalada.

The organization of this competition is in the hands of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME), Rocópolis, the Navarra Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing and Entre Prises. It also has the great support of the Miguel Induráin Foundation, the Government of Navarre and, as an official drink, the GOYA Coconut Water.

The event will bring together not only the best climbers and climbers of the Absolute Category but also the best climbers. In addition, as a novelty, Rocópolis will also host the second Spanish Speed ??Championship.

This new discipline in Spain is to overcome a wall with dams in the fastest way. The fastest climber to reach the top of the wall takes the prize. Thanks to this event, Navarra will become a showcase for all those who have started the preparation program of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 where the Olympic medals will be awarded to more complete climbers in the three main categories: speed, difficulty and block .

The scheduled times for the test are pending confirmation based on the result of the technical meeting of the organization that will take place on October 12. More information here: http://bit.ly/2pL0TQk


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