To carry out a training and a sport action of regular form is not easy, but saber hydrate neither for that reason we recommend GOYA Coconut Water.

Do you know how to hydrate and regain energy every time your body wears? Are you tired of the typical drinks with sweeteners and high sugar content? So, GOYA Coconut Water is the solution to your answers, why? Keep reading.

Isotonic drinks are not only a means to quench thirst and replenish lost fluids through sweat, but also when reloading the account with protein and carbohydrates. It is proven that coconut water can have a good electrical recovery during or after exercise.

GOYA coconut water is ideal for recharging the first before, during and after exercising.

GOYA coconut water compared to other sports drinks, is not only potential in the country and in water also has lower content of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and is a source of antioxidants. Therefore, it becomes the most natural recovery, especially our new GOYA Organic Coconut Water, 100% natural.

GOYA coconut water is the recovery par excellence thanks to its moisturizing and remineralizing power.

As regards other energy drinks not including stimulant substances, they may contain up to two thirds of the sugar that are not in an equivalent serving of soda. In addition, they may contain toxic elements harmful to health, such as flavorings, artificial colors and sweeteners.

In contrast, GOYA coconut water is a source of natural electrolytes, as well as full of flavor  (you can see our range here).

What other characteristics does GOYA Coconut Water have?

  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including iodine, magnesium and zinc.
  • It is full of amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, organic acids and phytonutrients.
  • A source of electrolytes and natural sales, especially magnesium and potassium.
  • Light, low in calories and those without sugar.

Full of cytokines and plant hormones that have anti-aging, anticancer and anti-thrombolic effects in humans.

Do you still not enjoy the benefits of our Coconut Water? What are you waiting for? Remember that if it’s GOYA … it has to be good!

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