In the previous article we talked about the drinks recipes to surprise your guests whose main ingredient is GOYA Coconut Water.

On this occasion, we will talk about the essential ingredients for delicious pastry recipes such as GOYA coconut milk and GOYA coconut cream.

GOYA Coconut Milk is another ingredient that can not be missing in today’s kitchens, especially for confectionery fans and those most addicted to cooking and tasting desserts and sweets.

This product is creamy and unsweetened, so you can add it to your soups, stews, rice dishes and especially desserts and snacks.

On the other hand, GOYA Coconut Cream is sweet and thick, which makes it a delicious flavor to your desserts and drinks. Do not confuse it with GOYA coconut milk without sweetening! This product is indispensable in your pantry and very practical in your baked recipes.

The main difference with coconut milk is its consistency, it is thicker and more similar to pasta, although it contains less water. While coconut milk is usually a liquid product.

Do you know what recipes to elaborate with these products? Here are some ideas:

Passion Fruit Pudding Cake: This passion fruit pudding cake is a magical tropical dessert. The reason, in addition to its bewitching flavor, is that this easy-to-prepare dessert is wonderfully transformed into a two-layer dessert while cooking in the oven.

Coconut creamy cake: El Coquito is a punch drink originally from Puerto Rico that is traditionally served at parties and celebrations. That is why we have created this irresistible version of the coquito in the shape of a cake, so that you can celebrate at all times.

Flan de Coco: The Flan de Coco derives its exquisiteness from the classic Latino dessert, you just have to add the unique Caribbean touch that coconut lovers will enjoy even more! The main ingredient in this recipe for Coconut Flan is the fruit, first you Add a touch of GOYA Coconut Milk and then the smoothness of GOYA Coconut Cream. Our Coconut Flan is so refreshing and light, that you will think you are in the tropics.



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