We still continue with the hangover of the Spartan Race of Barcelona held in the municipality of Les Comes (Súria) last weekend. On this occasion our ambassador and «ironmum» (as it is called in networks) Isabel Macias accompanied us being the standard bearer of our already classic GOYA TEAM.

In this fifth edition, the world’s toughest obstacle course (Spartan Race) has had the good fortune (just like us) to have the special participation of our ambassador and Olympic medalist Isabel Macías, European runner-up of 1,500 m in covered track.

A weekend full of achievements, new records, sweat, blood, but many emotions and goals fulfilled in all modalities and categories and like the Sprint of 5 kms in which the GOYA TEAM has a presence and is not the first, since For several years, GOYA have been official sponsors of this event.

A united team, formed by ambassadors, influencers, and workers of the company, who had been preparing for time, practicing exercises such as burpees and other movements such as push ups, pull ups, weights, climbing the rope, etc.

Relive the best moments on our Facebook album at this link: bit.ly/2q1c8o4 

For all those who do not know our main secret and that of the Spartans, we reveal it to you: GOYA coconut water. Yes, and nothing better to recover and hydrate after competing in the toughest obstacle course in the world or doing any physical activity.

Thanks to GOYA coconut water and its benefits, achieving the goals achieved in this race and in your daily life is easier, in addition they can be used in multiple recipes. For all those who have not had the chance to try our flagship product, we recommend you try all our varieties: organic, sugar-free, flavored, start enjoying all the benefits and a healthy life with Coconut Water and remember that if it’s Goya … it has to be good!

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