Record of attendance and new challenge surpassed in the Spartan Race of Andorra

A brand, a team, a goal, an illusion, a new challenge overcome!

Last weekend, a new edition of the Spartan Race was held in Encamp (Andorra), where thousands of Spartans of different nationalities participated, achieving a new record of attendance.Despite the weather, our GoyaTeam was strong and thanks to the team spirit, ambition, effort and improvement, they managed to reach the goal. As usual, GOYA was present as a sponsor helping the Spartans to recover energy thanks to the natural isotonic drink, coconut water and other juices, no less healthy and delicious.  From here, we want to thank all the participants and guests who were part of the Goya Team and the positive response they transmitted through social networks. An entire experience in which we hope to repeat the next edition.For those who want to relive the experience and have a memory, they can go through the Facebook page of Goya Europe, where they will find an album with photos of the event:http://bit.ly/2wzX55y The countdown has started. We are already counting the days for a new appointment in Cheste (Valencia), are you going to lose it? We hope you spartan! ARO ARO ARO!

If they are GOYA … they have to be good!

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