GOYA collaborates with the expansion of Latin American gastronomy in Europe

GOYA collaborates with the expansion of Latin American gastronomy in Europe

Héctor Tapia, is the representative of the Association of Chefs of Ecuador in Europe and is the mentor of the project «Ecuadorian chef internships in recognized restaurants in Belgium»

On this occasion the cooks: Alvaro Cornejo, Fausto Lopez, Pablo Maldonado, Alfredo Loayza, Andrés Román and Andrés Aranza, arrived from the Andean country to Madrid, after being selected from more than one hundred professionals from the area and from different cities. Spain was the country of passage before arriving in Belgium, when they took the opportunity to get to know each other and to make a dinner with different dishes in one of the most renowned Ecuadorian restaurants. It was a tasting where they used products from the sea and land, many of them native with GOYA ® ingredients, to show that gastronomy only understands mixtures and flavors that reach the senses.

The initiative of this project is to promote Ecuadorian food on a global scale, merge it with Spanish, Italian, French, etc. through the training of young people chosen from calls for them to gain experience in addition to extensive knowledge of haute cuisine and traditional country that both enriches.

The dishes prepared in Madrid for the culinary sample were: Bolón de plátano macho filled with cheese from the (Amazon region), Mote pillo (cooked corn base) with three-course Iberian from the regions of: Imbabura, Cañar and Morona Santiago, with ingredients from the Sierra and the Amazon. A delicious «Seco de Chivo» with garnish of rice and vegetables, the traditional ceviche of fish with touches of onion and fried plantain garnish. And to finish a dessert a sweet of figs with fresh cheese and a shell of fine cocoa of aroma. All a delight! This exhibition gallery was also decorated in the central hall of the place with some typical embroidery and live painting by an Ecuadorian painter.

After dinner and demonstration of their dishes in Madrid on 9 February, the chefs traveled to exchange their experiences in restaurants such as: Boury, Vrijmoed, Hostellerie Le Fox and Hostellerie St-Nicolas, (Two Michelin stars each, and the Table d’Amis, with A Michelin star and Hertog Jan, with three Michelin stars.

From GOYA® we wish the best successes to these professionals so that with their knowledge we share their cooking techniques to fuse international gastronomy.

Data: Ecuador is known as the country of the four worlds, the Amazon, the mountains, the coast and the Galapagos Islands.
Source and photos: Press Goya Europa – February 22, 2018

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