In GOYA we know that each consumer is unique and with their own tastes, that is why we put within reach of each of them the different range of our coconut water with flavors and in various formats. Thus, our fans and consumers of the brand can enjoy the following products:

Organic Coconut Water (Ecological) 100% natural: This water, is hydrating rich in antioxidants that prevents premature aging of the skin, contains a high content of potassium, calcium, magnesium and electrolytes. In addition, it is ideal for a balanced diet.

Coconut Water GOYA 330 ml: It is currently one of our products and formats most preferred by our consumers. In addition to being used by our collaborators such as GOYA TEAM athletes or other sporting events such as Spartan Race. In addition, this format is ideal for use in cocktail recipes and other recipes.

Coconut Water GOYA 1l: Ideal format to have in the pantry at home and enjoy as a family. Its large capacity, packaging and closure allows it to be in the pantry for a long time, although we are sure that it will not last even a blink of an eye.

Coconut Water GOYA 520 ml: Another variety of cardboard formats, such as those mentioned above, is the wide-capacity can for athletes to recover all the expense obtained in their physical activities.

Sugar-free Coconut Water: Coconut water with zero sugars, ideal fat free for the most strict in your diet and diet. Can format very how for daily use, after workouts or other physical activities.

Coconut water with flavors: Mix the flavors of tropical fruits with one of the healthiest liquids on the planet, is the perfect combination, ideal for any palate, because in GOYA we have several flavors: pomegranate, guava, mango and lychee .

GOYA Coconut Water, taste and health at your fingertips and remember that if it’s Goya … it has to be good!

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