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The bean or bean dips are creamy, delicious, easy to prepare and very cheap. Perfect for holidays! To prepare this recipe, GOYA® Stewed Red Beans are pureed along with Salsita, lemon juice, onion, coriander, Greek yogurt and the delicious and low sodium olives. Serve with crispy GOYA® crackers and Platanitos. The dish will be finished in minutes, guaranteed!

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  1. Place olives on double layer of paper toweling. Gather corners and squeeze to remove excess liquid, then chop. Blend drained beans, 2 tablespoons Salsita and lime juice in mini processor until smooth, using on/off pulses. Scrape into bowl and stir in scallion, cilantro, yogurt and about 2/3 of the olives.
  2. Scrape into serving dish; drizzle with remaining 1 tablespoon Salsita. Sprinkle remaining olives and cilantro on top. Serve with snack crackers and plantain chips.

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