Food and sport: our Goya Team responds!

If you have considered leading a healthier life, there are two fundamental pillars to achieve this goal that you will surely want to take into account: diet and sports. However, it is normal for you to have numerous doubts, like what? type of diet to follow or what training is best for you.

Before you continue reading we want you to know that, before carrying out a diet accompanied by any physical exercise, it is highly recommended that you consult an expert in the subject you will study. your case thoroughly. At Goya we always want to help you solve all these questions, but we have enlisted some of our Goya Team ambassadors. That is, they are elite athletes who are already very familiar with their physique and their needs to perform in training. 

With that said, let's continue to learn a little more about some of the most frequent doubts that arise to all of us and see how professionals like them deal with them.

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In your workouts, in order to burn fat, do you usually include more cardio or weight exercises?

Isabel Macías : My goal is not to burn fat, it is usually a consequence rather than a goal. But it is true that with my sport it is achieved because we train cardio, with intensity and also do strength work. &

Ana Salvador : Strength work to burn fat without any doubt and fat burning is general, not localized. & nbsp; In my case, I don't like using weights very much, I prefer to do all the strength training with my own weight, suspensions, push-ups, sit-ups and squats. 

Óscar Husillos : The truth is that I usually do all kinds of workouts, but none of them are specific to burning fat, but rather in order to improve day by day. state of form.


Have you ever practiced intermittent fasting? What is your opinion on this practice?

Isabel Mac & iacute; as : Not really, but it's true that since I've been a mom we have advanced the dinner time and perhaps Let's leave a larger hourly window between intakes. I don't have much evidence on fasting to comment on, but I think it's counterproductive for performance. & Nbsp;

Ana Salvador : Actually, I eat when I'm hungry, without giving much thought to the stipulated meal times. Therefore normally my last meal is at 19:00 pm and the next at 8:00 am. If I have to skip a meal, it's dinner and I do it very frequently. & Nbsp; I think it is highly recommended to do it to cleanse the body. & Nbsp;

Óscar Husillos : Never, yes that I ever did some training fasted but very light or with little load. I think that a good diet is very important for a good sports performance, facing the practice of hard workouts.


What is your favorite time to train? If it's in the morning, do you exercise on an empty stomach or after a good breakfast?

Isabel Macías: For many years I was forced to train very late, but for a while now I can alternate with the mornings and I certainly like it better. s. I always have breakfast, I have only gone on an empty stomach when I have had to get up very early, for example in the de-escalation.

Ana Salvador : I have never done a fasting training, since I spend long days in the mountains and food is my fuel to be able to carry it out satisfactorily. You have to eat to have energy and perform more in your activity.

Óscar Husillos : It depends on the time of the year, I usually train in winter in the afternoons (from 6:00 p.m.) and in summer in the morning; anas (10:00) and the truth is that I am delighted with those schedules and I always like to train with something in my stomach, even a piece of fruit.


Do you know of any case of an elite athlete who follows a vegan diet?

Isabel Macías : If I know any of them and I think they are there now. more standardized. In the past, there was fear of the issue of proteins and iron, especially with women, but today we know that it is completely compatible to eat meeting the needs with the vegan diet. & Nbsp;

Ana Salvador : Personalmente no, but surely there are a few.

Óscar Husillos : I know vegan athletes, but not at a professional level or elite athlete.


What do you think of miracle diets? Have you ever tried one?

Isabel Macías : The miracles to Lourdes. I am an athlete and I know that he who wants something, something costs him. I've never tried any and I doubt I ever will. & Nbsp;

Ana Salvador : I have never wanted to lose weight, I think that all the diets that make you starve are not adequate. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat healthy and be physically active.

Óscar Husillos : That they shouldn't exist, let alone pay attention to them. It seems inhumane to mistreat the body by doing these diets. The best thing is to put yourself in the hands of a good specialist.


What Do you usually eat after a hard exercise session to regain energy?

Isabel Macías : Usually: banana, nuts and GOYA organic coconut water.

Ana Salvador : It depends, if my training has been a hard aerobic workout, like a bike ride or a long day in the mountains, I try to refill the depleted hydrate tanks. And if instead the training has been strength, I try to eat more protein that day. & Nbsp;

Óscar Husillo s: It depends a lot on the type of training and whether it leaves me very tired since there are times when I cannot eat much of the accumulated fatigue of said training. But the normal thing is some vegetables, carbohydrates like quinoa, some protein like meat or fish and several pieces of fruit.


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