Make up for the excesses of summer with Goya!

We know that summer is always a season in which we want to let ourselves go and indulge in all the culinary whims that come to mind: beach bars, ice cream, drinks ... In addition, during these months it is common for our social life to increase and Therefore, our sleep routines and meal times are altered. After all, summer is only once a year!

However, with the arrival of September, it is time to compensate for the excesses of summer and resume the healthy habits that we have during the rest of the year.

As we know that returning to the routine can be done uphill, at Goya we want to help you! That is why we have prepared these four tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Are you ready?


1. Eat five meals a day.

In summer it is common to skip meals due to changes in sleep cycles: we usually go to bed and wake up later. It is important that as we regain our usual schedules, we get used to eating the five recommended meals a day: breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner. In this way, we stimulate our metabolic rate, improve digestion and avoid blood sugar peaks. 

As we know that lunch is the meal that we make the least and in which you may lack more ideas, we leave you here. a healthy and easy-to-prepare suggestion: of mussels and tuna .

2. Your new favorite drink? The water!

In our article How to maintain good hydration ?; we already explained why it is vitally important to maintain correct hydration throughout the year. However, after the excesses of summer this will help us. to feel satisfied with meals and to eliminate toxins.

Remember that you not only have why drink mineral water, since for example our Goya Coconut Water is a natural drink that has highly hydrating properties , thanks to its great supply of electrolytes and its high content of vitamins and minerals.

3. Bet on healthy recipes.

The most important thing to eat a healthy diet is that it is balanced in all the nutrients that they provide us. In addition, among other recommendations to maintain a healthy diet, we highlight:

- Limit the amount of sugars.

- Increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber.

- Go for healthy fats.

- Give special relevance to fruits and vegetables.

- Avoid alcoholic beverages.

In Goya you will find a wide variety of recipes .

Who said eating well was boring?

4. Activate life and sport: your great allies

Go jogging, cycling, swimming & hellip; It is time to put aside the inactivity and sedentary life typical of summer! Find the sport that you like the most and that will help you achieve your goal of eliminating the excesses of summer and plan your weekly routine.

If you need motivation, visit Goya Sport , the testimonials of our ambassadors will give you the push you need to start training.

Our intention is always to encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle with a perfect balance between food and sport, so be attentive to the advice that we will also publish on our social networks and,#CuídateConGoya !

What Did you find our tips to help you compensate for the excesses of summer? Will you put them into practice? Sure you do!

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